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Solar Energy
How to properly maintain PV panels
Renewable energy resources have gained great popularity lately as people are starting to become environmentally conscious. One of the most preferred is Solar Energy. This due to the installation and maintenance cost of the solar system, the energy availability and the inexistent levels of disturbance they provide in terms of noise. We see more and more rooftops lately with big PV panels on them, wondering how they got there and how do people take care of those. Solar PV panels in fact need little to no maintenance at all compared to other systems generating energy. Basically what you have to do is wipe the panels once in a while and make sure there is nothing that could obstruct the sun radiation to hit the surface of the panels such as trees or satellite dishes. Since PV panels are usually facing south and tilted to a certain angle depending on the zone, there is a big chance that they could get cleaned by the occasional rainfall. Warm water and a mild detergent can be used... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Yeayyy dah start cuti rayaaaa...
or nay? T__T

Tatkala orang lain masih bekerja, aku dah mula bercuti hari ini. Wahhh.. awalnya. Mesti korang nak kata macam tu kan.. Tapi the reason kenapa aku nak cuti awal ialah, aku dah malam + tak der mood nak kerja. Lagipun sebab nanti tak payah la susah-susah nak bersalam bagai. Kosong-kosong dalam hati sudah la kan :) So hari ini ada banyak aktiviti nak kena buat. Yang dah settle adalah: 1. Tukar Duit = RM300 2. Servis Kereta = RM568 T_______________________T Plannya nak buat alingment and balancing sahaja. Tup-tup tengok tayar kereta dah crack bahagian dalam and ekvos leaking. T___________________T Nak tak nak memang kena buat juga la sebab raya nanti mesti nak jalan jauh. Lagipun memang dah lama tak spend dekat kereta. Mujur juga datang bawa servis awal, dapat lah kesan crack pada tayar tu. Risau ja kalau tetiba tayar tu meletup atas jalan tak pasal-pasal jaaa.. Nauzubilllah.. Antara benda yang belum settle adalah: 1. Cuci Kereta 2. Beli barang-barang buat kuih raya 3. Ambil kuih... (more)

From Ewe to You
Quiet for so long
Whilst my plans for the past year or so were to post every day or two, life got in the way. I broke my back after a bad fall, and was left recovering for almost a year. The insurance company wouldn't pay for surgery, so I had to wait for my back to heal by itself. A total recovery never happened, and I am left with a back that doesn't allow me to stand for long although I can sit for a few hours at a time. The sitting is an improvement. Still, mostly I must be in a recliner that has me tipped at a slight degree and the pain isn't as bad.This will remain for life and I have been getting used to it physically and working on getting used to it emotionally. Very difficult for a type A personality and someone who is used to being physically active albeit in a wheelchair whilst away from home. The docs have "taken away" my canes and I must use a walker in the house. Very slow and I look longingly for my canes. The break in my back diagnosed me with osteoporosis so anything is... (more)

Daily Devotion
One Nation,
One King

Date: Monday, July 21, 2014 Today's Chapters: Isaiah 1-4 Message Title: One Nation, One King The Book of Isaiah is the twenty-third book of the Old Testament/Bible and contains sixty-six chapters. The author of the book is Isaiah and it was written to Judah and all believers. The timeline of these events took place approximately 766 BC to 679 BC. The purpose of the book was to teach correction and reproof to all believers. What we are to learn from the book is that rebellion leads to destruction, but repentance leads to restoration. “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” - Isaiah 1:18. The Book of Isaiah is actually a mirror of the entire Bible. The Bible has 66 books, Isaiah has 66 chapters. The Old Testament has 39 books covering the history and sin of Israel, the first 39 chapters of Isiah cover the same. The New Testament has 27 books... (more)

The Common Ills
Will Iraq name a president today?
Will Iraq name a president today? A day that starts with a headline proclaiming "Gunmen control Nineveh Pharmaceutical plant, head to Nineveh Dam," is not a good day for thug and prime minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki. Nouri has spent how many weeks and months now trying to hold onto parts of Iraq that were not 'break aways' in 2013? It's July -- near the end of July -- so there's your answer: Seven months. Seven months and he still can't get it together because he refuses to initiate a political system that values and includes people not part of his State of Law political coalition. National Iraqi News Agency reports the Iraqi military says they killed 15 suspects in Jurf al-Sakar (all burned alive in air strikes), they also brag about burning to death 23 other suspects in an aerial bombing of Rawa, and 3 Peshmerga were kidnapped north of Mosul. The Iraqi military claim they killed a commander here and another there. These are suspects,... (more)

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